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"Until God has become your treasure, until your own sin has become the thing you hate most, until the word of God is your supreme authority that you feel to be more precious than gold, sweeter than honey, until the gospel of Christ’s death in your place is the most precious news in the world to you, until you have learned to deny yourself short term pleasures for the sake of long term joy and holiness, until you have grown to love the Holy Spirit and long for his fruit more than man’s praise, until you count everything as loss compared to the supreme value of knowing Christ — your attitude towards your clothing and your appearance will be controlled by forces that don’t honor Christ."

- John Piper on feminine modesty (via alifelivedwell)

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Looking for camping with luxury, nature and beauty in mind, these hanging tree tents shaped like dew-drops are just right for you!



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fun prank: put $1000 in an envelope and mail it to me

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by kitschtalks_tanvijain // via Instagram http://ift.tt/Wp1nef

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